Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases your questions may be answered here in our FAQ's. Please note some are for all Furniture Row Companies, while several are specific to our individual specialty stores.

If your question was not answered please contact our Customer Service Department and we will reply within two to four business days. Please include your contact information and any details relevant, such as the specific Furniture Row store you visited, for a faster response time.

Furniture Row® FAQs

Can I make my finance payments here at the store?

No, all payments need to be made by mail or online click the financing tab for more information.

Can we order from the website?

Only mattresses and linens can be purchased online.

Do I save more money by buying more?

Yes all of our stores offer Room Group pricing.

Do you deliver?

Yes contact your local Store for the most up-to-date information.

Do you price match?

200% Guaranteed Lowest Price
We guarantee our prices to be the lowest! If within 30 days of your purchase, you find the identical item advertised for less at another local store, we will refund 200% of the difference!

How can I contact Capital One, N.A. (Capital One) or access my account?

Capital One, N.A. (Capital One) Customer Service number is 1-800-695-6950.

How do I apply for a Furniture Row Credit Card?

Visit your local store or click the financing tab for more information.

What kind of financing do you have?

Contact your local store for available financing offers.

What sales are you running today?

Contact your local store for the most up-to-date information.

Sofa Mart® FAQs

How long does it take to order?

Some items are in stock at the store for immediate pickup or delivery. Otherwise your furniture will be ordered from our gigantic distribution centers. Trucks arrive weekly and your order will be put on the next available truck to the store. Your local store's sales associate will be able to give you a more accurate time frame for arrival to the store.

Does this come in another color?

Sofa Mart has many groups that are available in other colors. The groups with other colors will have examples on display in the store for you to see, though the best way to know is to ask a sales associate.

Is leather durable? Do you carry kid-and-pet-friendly fabrics and pieces?

Leather is one of the more naturally durable coverings available in home furnishings. However, there are many Endurosuede fabrics that provide excellent durability Your Sofa Mart sales associate will be able to help you determine your needs based upon your lifestyle. They will also be able to explain the various types of leathers and fabrics along with the durability rating of each covering.

What is the difference between corrected leathers vs. non-corrected leathers?

Corrected leathers will have higher levels of pigmentation and protection that create a more consistent look with less care needed. Non-corrected leathers are more natural and reflect the natural markings that make each hide unique. This makes it softer and suppler, but requires greater care against spilling and stains. Sofa Mart has a unique system called the "4 S's of Leather" that will help you determine the type of leather that best fits your needs. Our Sales Associates can show you this process in our store.

Can I buy an extended warranty?

Sofa Mart currently does not offer extended warranties. However, many of our manufacturers offer warranties beyond the standard one-year warranty offered by Sofa Mart. Our sales associates will explain longer manufacturer warranties as they occur in specific products.

What is the difference between Microfiber and Endurosuede?

Endurosuede is our own term for Microfiber. Endurosuede is 100% polyester with tremendous durability and is very easily cleaned.

Where is this furniture made?

Sofa Mart shops the world over to bring you the very best in home furnishings. Some products are made here in the United States while others are directly imported from Europe and Asia. Sofa Mart is constantly shopping for the best quality at the best price.

Do I have to get the tables that are with the set or can I pick out others?

You may substitute other tables, rugs, chairs or lamps to create the design that is just right for your room. Many customers take advantage of our carefully coordinated displays, however the choice is yours. Our trained sales associates are available to assist you in this process.

Can I get the recliner instead of the chair that's in the group?

If you are purchasing a room group you can switch out the items for any other items in the set that are of equal or greater value (Additional Costs May Apply). In addition you can mix and match any style of chair with any table to create the specific look you are trying to achieve.

How long will it last?

The life of your new furniture will be dependent on your use and lifestyle. You sales associate is able to point out the various types of construction to help you determine the best materials and build for your furniture needs.

Why do you have sofas on racks?

Unlike other conventional furniture stores that might just show you a small piece of fabric or leather, Sofa Mart carries full size samples for your consideration. The colors shown on the racks are also stocked in our Distribution Centers.

What are the sales staff's favorite sets? What pieces have employees purchased?

Just as every customer has a different home or room, our employees have a variety of tastes and needs for their own homes. Our trained sales associates are available to answer any questions you may have.

Is a mattress upgrade available on sleeper sofas?

Currently the mattress that is shown on the showroom sample is the only mattress available for that particular sleeper. However, you may be assured that Sofa Mart only allows high quality innerspring mattresses on all sleeper sofas.

Why does my sofa feel firmer or sit more firm when it was delivered compared to the way it felt in the showroom?

All sofas and upholstered furniture items will have a small "break in" period. The foam, at all levels of quality, will soften as the cushions are broken in. The items on our floor under go a process as soon as they arrive to the display floor to "break them in." After a short period of use, your new furniture will soon have the same comfort of the showroom products.

Does Sofa Mart offer gift cards, and if so, how do I redeem them and do they expire?

You may purchase gift cards at Sofa Mart that may be used in any Sofa Mart in the United States. These may be redeemed at any of the Furniture Row Companies. Ask your local sales associate about expiration dates.

Oak Express® & Bedroom Expressions® FAQs

Is this the best price you can do?

At Oak Express & Bedroom Expressions we strive to offer our everyday low price. We offer you the Maximum Value to Price Ratio. Whether you invest $200 or $2,000, you will get more for your money here than anywhere else. Our Room Group pricing will save you even more on top of our everyday guaranteed lowest prices. We absolutely will not be undersold; you have our word on it!

Is this going on sale?

If within 30 days of your purchase you find the identical item that you purchased from us advertised for less at any local store, we will refund 200% of the difference.

Is this in stock?

We strive to keep best selling items in stock at the store level. If an item is out of stock we will need to order it from our distribution Center. We suggest contacting your local store to verify their individual stock levels.

How long does the order take to arrive?

We pride ourselves on being able to keep large inventories available in our distribution center. Most orders can be completed in a 2 to 4 week time frame .

Do you offer layaway?

We do not offer layaway. We do, however, offer multiple financing options (W.A.C.) that will let you take advantage of having the product in your home.

What kind of financing do you have? What financing does this qualify for?

We offer various financing options depending on your purchase price and approved credit. To inquire which programs you can qualify for we suggest contacting your local store's specialist to get further information.

Do you offer delivery? If so, how much does it cost?

Yes, we have a delivery option. Delivery charges depend on your distance from the closest location as well as the items purchased.

Will this particular room group be around if I decide to buy additional pieces in a year? What about in six months? How long will you carry it?

We suggest getting all of the pieces you want to complete your set at the time of purchase. Due to style changes, color changes, and vendor changes it is very difficult to predict if a piece will match down the road.

What is the warranty? Does the furniture come with a warranty?

All of our furniture comes with a minimum one-year warranty. We also provide the option of our Comprehensive Protection Plan, which offers five years of protection. Comprehensive Protection Plan pricing is based on purchase amount and must be added before the customer receives the product.

Can I mix and match items in a set?

If you are purchasing a room group you can switch out the items for any other items in the set that are of equal or greater value. In addition you can mix and match any style of chair with any table to create the specific look you are trying to achieve.

Denver Mattress Company® FAQs

How do I know what type of mattress is best for me?

Everyone has different needs. It is highly recommended that you visit your local store so you can be custom fit for a mattress or pillow.

What is the address or phone number for my local store?

Click here to view a listing of stores in your area.

How do I use the warranty on my mattress?

Contact the store that you purchased your mattress from. They will walk you through the warranty process.

What is your return policy?

If you need to return a mattress, contact the store that you purchased your mattress from.
Click here to view the Denver Mattress Return Policy.

I would like to be added or removed from your mailing list.

Send us a Customer Service form. We will be happy to add or remove you from our mailing list.

What sizes of mattresses do you carry? Do you make custom sizes?

We do not make custom sized mattresses.
The sizes we carry are:

Standard Sizes:
King: 76" x 80"
California King: 72" x 84"
Queen: 60" x 80"
Full: 54" x 74"
Full X-Long: 54" x 80"
Twin: 38" x 74"
Twin X-Long: 38" x 80"

Waterbed Insert Sizes:
Super Single: 46" x 82"
Queen Insert: 58" x 82"
King Insert: 70" x 82"

Specialty Mattress Sizes:
RV Queen: 60" x 75"
Twin Sofa Sleeper 36" x 72"
Queen Sofa Sleeper 60" x 72"

Truck Sleeper Mattresses:
32" x 80"
36" x 80"
38" x 80"
42" x 80"

What do you have on sale?

Click here to view our current Ads.

What are your store hours?

The hours are different for each store location. You can find your closest store's hours by visiting our locations page, then clicking on the name of your city on the right side of your screen.

Do you offer financing?

We do offer financing. You can apply online or in person at any of our stores. The financing account can be used at any Furniture Row store including Oak Express, Sofa Mart, Bedroom Expressions, and Denver Mattress Company. However, it cannot be used for online purchases.

Who can I contact about my Orthomatic or Leggett & Platt adjustable bed?

To order parts or for technical assistance, please call 1-800-888-3078.

How can I make a payment or change the billing address on my finance account?

You can manage your account. online or contact Capital One, N.A. (Capital One) Customer Service at (800)308-6970.

Who can I contact regarding advertising?

You can contact Furniture Row Marketing by sending in a Customer Service form.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

I'm interested in working for your company, where can I apply?

Click here to view our current open positions. Please apply in person at the location of your choice.

Furniture Row Racing® FAQs

Is the Race Team Hiring?

The Furniture Row Racing Team is a tightly knit team of people but opportunities do arise with our growing team. Resumes may be sent to :

Attn: Resume
Furniture Row Racing
4000 Forest St
Denver CO 80216

Does the Racing Shop provide tours?

Shop Tours have been suspended until further notice. Shop tours are offered twice a day on Thursdays. For more information or to set an appointment please call the shop directly:

The Shop is located in Denver, Colorado.
Furniture Row Racing
4000 Forest St
Denver CO 80216

Where can I get Team Apparel?

You may purchase team gear including apparel online at at your local Furniture Row Store.

How can I contact the team, or ask them questions?

In order to contact the team we have several opportunites. Check us out on Facebook or drop us 140 characters with Twitter.


You can view the entire Racing Schedule on the Furniture Row Racing Official Website.

How can I request a show car appearance?

In order to contact the team we have several opportunites. Check us out on Facebook or drop us 140 characters with Twitter.