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California Haze

February 26, 2007

During the critical qualifying lap last Friday at Fontana, Furniture Row Racing ran straight into bad luck.

The team failed to qualify for the race.Joe Garone, General Manager of Furniture Row Racing explains what happened.

"It was a good day until we broke a part in the engine. All practice Kennywas able to run times that insured us into the race. The car was running well, and we finished up practice 29th overall.

But more importantly, wewere 5th fastest of the 16 cars needing to make the race on time. During his first of two qualifying laps, Kenny entered into turn one, and when he gotback to the throttle, the engine broke. It would still run, but it was only at 60% power.

Despite the disappointment of missing the race, we feel improvement is beingmade in the car, engine, and team. This was plain bad luck."

Will Furniture Row Racing have lady luck on their side when they take to thetrack in Vegas in two weeks? Stay tuned.