78 Brings It To Bristol
78 Brings It To Bristol 78 Brings It To Bristol

78 Brings It To Bristol

March 27, 2007

Furniture Row Racing finished an impressive 21st at Bristol Motor Speedway last weekend in the first Car Of Tomorrow Race.

Driver Kenny Wallace shares some insight about Bristol, and what the team can expect at Martinsville this weekend.

“The performance of the team has dramatically improved from last season. Finishing 21st at Bristol made my whole weekend. We finished where we deserved to be last Sunday.

Now we need to go to Martinsville and do the same thing over. The team is currently at Ginn Motorsports in Charlotte. This means I’ll be able to get into the car a few days before we head to Martinsville. We’re taking a different COT to the track.

This car has different geometry to accommodate the flat track.

Qualifying will still be very difficult because the bigger teams still have a head start on us. Despite their advantages, I’m happy with how we are competing against them.”