Rising From the Ashes in Phoenix
Rising From the Ashes in Phoenix Rising From the Ashes in Phoenix

Rising From the Ashes in Phoenix

April 25, 2006

Denver, CO- Furniture Row® Racing had its day in the sun at the Phoenix Motor Speedway last weekend. Both the Busch and CUP teams qualified for the race, and the CUP team had its best finish of the year to date.

Crew Chief Joe Garone explains the events of the race, and the encouraging test at Richmond that set the tone. "The Phoenix race represented exhausting efforts put forth by the Furniture Row® Racing team at a Richmond test over a week ago that resulted in 12th overall fastest time. However, at Phoenix, I was overly conservative with the set up on the race car trying to insure we simply made the race," Garone stated. The gamble paid off and the CUP team made it past qualifying with a 31st starting position.

"During the race we had a problem with the brake system, but for much of the time were able to run speeds close to the leaders. For a better finish we needed better track position, however we couldn't overcome the distance lost to our 31st starting position," states Garone.The team finished 25th, and is looking forward to the next race, Talladega. Garone said, "We head to Talladega next weekend and will do our best to get on top of the small wave we have started to build at Phoenix."Phoenix marked Furniture Row® Racings return to the Busch series with Jerry Robertson behind the wheel. The weekend got off to a solid start with Roberson displaying his talent at qualifying bringing the Furniture Row Racing car to a 17th starting position.

However, the team was up against some unforeseen challenges. The race proved to be marred with radio communication and break problems. These problems ultimately led to Robertson spinning out early. Robertson was unable to hear his spotter's warning to avoid a previous crash. Without full stopping power due to break issues, Robertson collided with the existing wreckage on the track.

Garone felt it was an encouraging effort for a team working together for the first time. The next scheduled event for the Busch series is Richmond in May.