Attacking the Monster
Attacking the Monster Attacking the Monster

Attacking the Monster

May 31, 2006

Denver, CO-The Furniture Row Racing program held onto a solid 29th place finish at Charlotte last weekend.

Crew Chief Joe Garone was pleased with the program's efforts. "Charlotte is one of the toughest tracks to qualify at. It's a very prestigious race where teams bring two to three back up cars and extra drivers.

We were pleased with our finish. We stayed out of wrecks and were able to be competitive."
Furniture Row Racing eagerly heads to Dover this weekend.

Dubbed the "Monster Mile," Dover's track provides good hard, rough racing.
The infamous "Monster Mile's" high-banked (24 degrees in the corners) oval is challenging for the drivers, both from a physical and mental standpoint.

The concrete surface can be a tough customer on any given racing weekend, and the track has proven to be an endurance test for competitors over the years. Coming off a 600-mile race last Sunday at Lowe's Motor Speedway, this Sunday's 400-miler at Dover, while shorter in length, should be just as taxing for Furniture Row Racing's CUP driver, Kenny Wallace.
There isn't much passing at Dover, however the cars tear down the straight-aways at excessive speeds into the high-banked turns, giving the fans a show they won't soon forget.
Garone explains the program's strategy for Dover.

"The primary focus is on qualifying first and foremost at Dover, then we'll turn our attention towards obtaining a good race set up."
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