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Spencer for Hire

June 7, 2006

Denver, CO- Furniture Row® Racing welcomes CUP driver Jimmy Spencer to the program this weekend for Pocono. Spencer will be filling in for driver Kenny Wallace. Wallace will be driving in the Busch series in Nashville, and will be unable to drive the #78 CUP car.

Spencer and crew will have their hands full maneuvering the #78 through Pocono‚s 2.5-mile triangular layout.

The track may not look menacing, but don‚t underestimate appearances. Furniture Row® Racing must juggle three different turns, three long straight-aways and high engine stress in order to secure a good finish.

Pocono boasts three unique turns, which makes for a challenging set up strategy for crew chief Joe Garone. Turn one has 14 degrees of banking, turn 2 known as the “Tunnel Turn” has eight degrees of banking, and turn 3 has six degrees of banking. With those three very different turns on the same course, Jimmy and the Furniture Row Racing crew will have to set up the #78 carefully. Compromises must be made in order to obtain the best performance from the car though each lap.

Last week Garone and company clinched a 38th place finish at Dover.

It was a rocky road from the beginning on the “Monster Mile.” After a crash of the primary car during practice, the team was forced to run the back up car. The

#78 back up car only secured two outings before running out of practice time. Garone explains what happened next. „Moving into qualifying, and without any practice to speak of, Kenny did a masterful job of getting us into the race qualifying in front of many of the non top 35 cars.

However, the challenges continued for the team.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t allow for a full practice session after qualifying. Garone, faced with a situation where the team did not enough time to dial in the back up car, made the decision to use the race into a test session.

Garone states, “We proceeded to work on our car, altering suspension components and making chassis changes that you wouldn’t normally attempt during a race. The intended strategy was that we would return to Dover with a tested set up, opposed to wasting the race for a few finishing positions. Ultimately it worked, and we were able to obtain a lot of information we wouldn’t normally get. We stayed out of all the wrecks, and finished ahead in points of a few of our competitors.”

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