Do We Stay or Do We Go?
Do We Stay or Do We Go? Do We Stay or Do We Go?

Do We Stay or Do We Go?

July 26, 2006

Denver, CO- Furniture Row® Racing's CUP team finished 36th at the Pennsylvania 500 last weekend. The finish was well received by the program, especially since the team made the show under odd circumstances.

Friday afternoon after qualifying, the team was packed up and ready to head home. The #78 car missed out on the last starting position, or so they thought.

In an interesting turn of events, NASCAR officials disqualified Chad

Chaffin's #61 Dodge. Chaffin had secured a 38th starting position, but did not pass post-qualifying inspections. This resulted in the #78 Chevy Monte Carlo making the show, with a starting position at the rear of the field.

Car Chief Brian Fuller elaborates on the situation, "We were in disbelief. We were all loaded up and ready to go. A NASCAR official approached us and said if we wanted to race, we needed to get the car back in the garage. It was an emotional rollercoaster. It was like going from the outhouse to the penthouse."

Fuller believes the severe punishment for Chaffin was a result of NASCAR's president, Mike Helton's warning that cheating will bring harsher penalties.

After all of the pre-race drama, driver Jimmy Spencer was ready to take on the field from the back of the pack.

Practice on Saturday was rained out, so the team spent the race attempting to dial in a new car. Driver Jimmy Spencer fought his way up through the field, stayed clear of wrecks, and secured a 36th place finish.

The next race for the program is on August 6th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Kenny Wallace will return in the driver seat.

The Furniture Row® Racing Busch team ran Martinsville last weekend. Driver Jerry Robertson and crew placed 32nd.

This was Robertson first time at Martinsville, and the team qualified at an impressive 22nd. The program was running a solid race, and quickly moved up to 17th, however the #78 was spun out and had to go to the rear. The challenges didn't end there for the team and the rest of the field. Contending with a record number of caution flags throughout the race, Robertson wasn't exempt from getting caught up in the chaos again. The #78 was spun out again, resulting in a flat tire. Overall, Robertson stated it was a great learning experience for the program.

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