Nemechek Looking to Crack Bristol Code
Nemechek Looking to Crack Bristol Code Nemechek Looking to Crack Bristol Code

Nemechek Looking to Crack Bristol Code

August 19, 2008

DENVER, Colo. (Aug. 19, 2008) -- When it comes to Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway, site of Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup race, Joe Nemechek has mixed feelings.

The Furniture Row Racing driver enjoys the challenge of Bristol, but hasn't had the good fortune there in 25 career Cup races.

"I love Bristol, but I am wondering if the track has the same feelings for me," said Nemechek. "I've been banged around there pretty good over the years and have had a lot of good runs ruined. But each time I go back to Bristol I get excited and feel this is the time I'm going to crack that jinx."

If Nemechek's No. 78 Furniture Row Chevrolet Impala SS is going to break the Bristol code, it will first need to adhere to the first two rules of Bristol -- keep all the fenders on the car and stay on the lead lap.

"Staying out of harm's way at Bristol is a tough task," offered Nemechek. "So much luck comes into play to avoid the wrecks. But I must say it is better since the track was repaved last year. There are now two pretty good grooves to race on."

The toughest hit Nemechek took at Bristol was in August 2004. His car was demolished in a Lap 33 of 500 accident.

"That was a brutal hit," recalled Nemechek. "I smacked the wall driver's-side first and it hurt. I am still looking for a little redemption there."

In preparation for the Bristol race, the Denver, Colo-based team conducted a test session last week at Iowa Speedway, a 7/8th-mile oval in Newton, Iowa.

"We feel good about this weekend," offered Nemechek, who has qualified in 11 straight Cup races and 20 of the 23 contested in 2008. "It's a lot of fun being at the track with this team. The enthusiasm and work ethic are just incredible."