Four In A Row
Four In A Row Four In A Row

Four In A Row

September 19, 2007

Furniture Row Racing placed 29th last weekend at New Hampshire International Speedway. The #78 piloted by veteran driver Joe Nemechek has qualified for three consecutive races.

Will Dover be the fourth race in a row for the #78?

Although Dover is very similar in length to New Hampshire, the two tracks are quite different. While New Hampshire is a flat track (12 degree banking in the turns), Dover is high-banked (24 degrees) and runs like a superspeedway. Aerodynamics will play a role in this race. The high banking differentiates Dover from other mile tracks.

Joe Garone, General Manager of Furniture Row Racing comments on Dover and recaps New Hampshire.

“We finally feel like were getting back on track. Joe had to go out for qualifying in the 5th position at Loudon, luckily for us several other non top 35 cars were right there with us. Joe was the fastest of that group which locked him into the race early on. The down side to going out 5th is the track continued to get faster as the temp dropped some 15 degrees. This kept knocking us back in positions until we were 39th. We had a good race, and at one point the car was as good as many of the top 10 cars. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have good track position.

Joe dodged several wrecks, however we broke the front splitter and could not overcome the massive push that was caused by loosing the front down force. Ultimately, Joe and the team brought home a 29th place finish.

We will continue to grow and move up with the formula we now have.

With every race we continue to learn about each other and we are looking forward to going into Dover to continue that process.”