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November 6, 2005

Furniture Row Racing Headed Back Into A Slippery Situation

Furniture Row Racing's Busch program is heading back to the Texas Motor Speedway for the second time this season. In their prior effort, the team finished 25 out of 43 at the track.

According to Joe Garone, crew chief for the program, the agenda for the race is clear and concise. Garone explains, "We will be taking another brand new Furniture Row Racing built car, and will be looking to improve our previous qualifying and finishing position."

The team will be racing the new car on the track that has developed a reputation of its own.

Texas Motor Speedway, notorious for being sensitive to heat, becomes hot, slick, and tricky. The ingredients in the pavement heat up and interact with the oil in the tires, ultimately leading to a slippery situation. If a car is too loose or tight, the track magnifies the problem.

With the challenges of the track duly noted, team Furniture Row’s practice session went very well with the new car.

Driver Jerry Robertson elaborates, "Our second session practice times turned in by the new car were faster than the old car's qualifying times earlier this season. This was a combination of a better car this go around, and my familiarity with the track."

Based in Denver, Colorado’s Furniture Row Racing is the Busch Series newest team, formed and sponsored by Furniture Row® Companies. The company also sponsors the #78 car in the NEXTEL Series.